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We create our own software as well as products for companies that choose us as an outsourcing software developers.

Mobile Guide

The application is an electronic city guide of organizations conveniently grouped by category. For every organization there is a complete information (logo, description, contacts), the opportunity to build driving directions, getting the coupon codes and [...]


Skidki.UA / Znyzki.UA The project is a city guide for discounts and promotions taking place in stores, grouped by categories. Additional service for the user is a local creation and storage of information about the [...]


The iOS application for branded clothing stores 'Symbol'. The app is an interactive catalog of the clothing presented in nine Symbol offline stores throughout Ukraine. Each store has an iPad with installed application to allow [...]


CountBOX is a service that generates detailed statistics about stores and malls: visitors, sales and conversion. CountBOX App is your convenient access to Analytic Charts, Dashboards and Reports. CountBOX App is a perfect companion to [...]


Roadgazer Interacts with you during your trip. It discusses your needs and wants on the road, and gives you the right solution for the right time. It talks to you, so you are hands-free to [...]


Slon - is a closed system for estate agents that allows the agent to get the actual data on the real estate market, process it using convenient tools and choose their partners in a few [...]


Smiletron® is based on a new concept in which cosmetic dentist’s visual cognition during observation, analysis and redefinition of a patient ideal smile is studied and analyzed. The cognitive processing – i.e. the cognitive analytical [...]

Trade REM

Trade REM is a software for the bank factoring department. It was created to help managers sell the collateral real estate.


Enable is a tool used by PowerBuilder developers to make their applications multilingual. Using Enable, developers can usually upgrade a simple, monolingual PowerBuilder program with just a few changes to the original code. Excluding translation [...]

Reporting Studio

Business Intelligence users are increasingly business users rather than IT staff. Deployment to Web and Mobile is now a must have to simplify and accelerate the creation of new reports. Embedding BI features as part [...]

Customization Studio

Customization Studio allows non-developers to modify PowerBuilder applications. They don't need development skill or source code! The persons making these changes are called "Customizers". They use an application called "Designer". They can edit PowerBuilder Windows [...]

Best Solution: Realty

One of our most popular products with over 4000 users. It's a software for real estate agencies. Its main goal is to fully automate real estate agency activities and to conduct objects and clients database.

DW2XLS library for PowerBuilder

DW2XLS is a PowerBuilder library designed for export Datawindow & Datastore to an Excel format with cell's formatting. Features: Support of Freeform, Grid, Tabular, N-UP, Group, Crosstab, Composite, TreeView and Nested DW styles Support of [...]